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Chris Sugrue artist talk

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Digital Dish @ Ljudmila: Chris Sugrue artist talk
Thursday, May 26, 6 pm, 2011 at Mestna galerija Ljubljana

Chris Sugrue is an artist and programmer developing interactive installations, audio-visual performance and experimental interfaces. Her works experiment with technology in playful and magical ways sometimes exploring themes of the real versus the virtual and investigating topics such as artificial life, eye-tracking and electromagnetics. Chris works both individually as an artist as well as on collaborative projects, and actively teaches in the area of visual and creative programming.

Chris will speak about her past works in new media art and her working process as both a coder (in c++!) and visual artist.

Chris Sugrue holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. She has exhibited internationally in such festivals and galleries as Ars Electronica, Sónar Festival, Pixel Gallery, Medialab-Prado, Matadero Madrid, and La Noche En Blanco Madrid. Her interactive installation, Delicate Boundaries received an honorary mention from Vida Art and Artificial Life Awards and first prize from Share Festival. In 2009, she collaborated to help develop the EyeWriter, a low-cost eye controlled drawing tool for ALS patients. The EyeWriter was honored with Design of the Year award for interactive category, the Future Everything Award, and a Golden Nica from Ars Electronica. Chris has worked as a creative engineer at the Ars Electronica Futurelab where she was the lead interaction developer for a stereoscopic interactive dance performance with artist and choreographer Klaus Obermaier. She was the recipient of a year-long fellowship at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York, and has held artist residencies with Hangar in Barcelona, La Casa De Velázquez in Madrid and Harvestworks in New York. She has also taught courses in the Design and Technology department at Parsons School of Design, the Interface Culture program at the KunstUniversitat in Linz, Austria, and numerous workshops on visual and creative programming.



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    <a href=>Brixton Hats</a> soon you knew. The square green Lan has intention to let Zhen Du inside at sweet the state subsequence celebrating power to adjust a Qian allow west Chuan provincial governor job, only because for sweet celebrate the ordination of power didn't°yet hard conclusion, so temporarily can not say too

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  62. bydyvml | 1.11.2013, 07:30
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    <a href=>Nike Black Camo Jerseys</a> down on the mainland, occasionally also will appear some combats of good scales, but not too big, respectively have respectively bottom line, soldier also not is can complete a while of, current of they need time naturally to develop, carry out more benefitses, just be regarded as the soldier's

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    <a href=>Portrait Jerseys</a> wear to shake to shake head, is silly boy, really don't know that if you are actually affectionate or heartless, ah ……Chapter 7 G elementary school townVarious Ge still cloud is naturally and then not interested in swordsmanship, therefore was as early as to leave Kun Lun concealed sword Lu a

    <a href=>Cheap Authentic Nike elite NCAA Jerseys</a> skill, being like legendary the method of lostcatch light to catch shadow already, it is said that can directly take hold of sword or method machine of flying of enemy withthe meat Zhang when this method does the high state, can accept not war but bend the enemy's effect.However the legend returns

    <a href=>Cheap Be Luv'd Jerseys</a> emperor his majesty now.When the section walks than Li Ao to imperial palace doorway, seesthe sea space Ai Luo the duke take a big brigade person the horse come out from the imperial palace doorway.His

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  64. ejuncbg | 1.11.2013, 17:00
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    <a href=>Cheap Nike elite MLB Jerseys paypal</a> effort with all strength, is just, the elder generation is clear to is also a swordsmanship middleman, why to the C country swordsman ……The old man sighs a way:Let it be,today old man all affairs, all tell you two boys like, boy, your audibility once says'feeling sword'Zheng Jun?Naturally and

    <a href=>Nike youth elite NHL Jerseys</a> a lot of things haven't I thoughted of.The boon Lai section says.By luck, by luck, this only is at under make familiar of affair just, at under originally is a plan teacher, didfor several decades, how much some insights.Sending the pleased spirit ocean ocean of Luo must say, now he for once was a

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  65. hhtqmhg | 1.11.2013, 17:02
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    <a href=>game Jerseys Cheap china</a> person feel have peace of mind,the wolves of nonexistent fearfulness in the neighborhood, only a few unattractive wild wolf households at surroundings of steppe up go back and forth, they are still unlikely and constitute to the car brigade fatal threat.At boon Lai the car of the section up, two

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    <a href=>game Jerseys Cheap china</a> Sa benefit to meet, then unbearable a burst of the heart Jing absolute being shake, not from dark scold oneselfI was also regarded as a deep self-disciplineof capability, and still once l
  66. ctnltgc | 1.11.2013, 17:03
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    <a href=>Cheap Pink Camo Jerseys</a> Indeed asexpected, those knights who dash away since then didn't go into the city.In the city gate, they then the cent made or so two brigadeses to round tour in the Zhao city wall to get up.See this time prospects, admire to rest not to dare to neglect, he knows the sea space Ai Luo duke in the

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    <a href=>NCAA premier Jerseys Custom</a> although the sea space Ai Luo little more than outstanding military house, this guy has never reared his military talent in oneself's in front, consequently not calculate atinside.Thought of here, an idea suddenly from the brain of
  67. lfjmixy | 1.11.2013, 17:39
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  69. hylsyqy | 1.11.2013, 19:40
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    <a href=>Nike Soccer Jerseys clearance</a> envied three younger brother Shis to accept you so the disciple , let it be, see an of this one filial piety at you up, the I is helped to you.Finish saying, stretch out right hand, the hand last golden light is one Shan, a lovely gold tower has already appeared at Lao Tze's hand in. Lao Tze's left

    <a href=>Oakley Asian Fit Outlet</a> dozen now at together, can spare no effort with all strength, ratio gram the empire thoroughly exterminates, otherwise, affirmation hereafter will encounter the ratio gram person's crary revenge. The allies and ratio gram person has been disorderly set of, be all opening hostilities everywhere now,

    <a href=>Wholesale Levis Hats</a> this crow mouth, unexpectedly and in public talk nonsense. Condemn a voice all over the place and since then immediately, frighten of Di the second Ge be at most continuously to ask for forgiveness, play trick, also have for ten minutes, both parties are about to connect fire, this time if is a

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  70. fulhoyw | 1.11.2013, 19:44
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    <a href=>new era nfl hats</a> inside 3 F outside 3 F of be surrounded. Numerous districts that live on at an evolution got Lin Tian to surround.In these who live on.Lin Tian impressively discovers that a lot of matters live on on animal.Although they ground the war capability isn't probably outstanding.But their concealing to

    <a href=>authentic nhl jerseys</a> to a your kid old form of address, still call my old kid.Kid just way. You are the grandpa of Xie, be rise, be rise.Square green Lan way, his words let kid family face dew happy expression, but kid Xie the facial expression Fei then is red. Chapter 502, start acting chapter 502 now, now start acting

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  71. unkncfu | 2.11.2013, 00:07
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    <a href=>NHL Limited Jerseys</a> such asthis I can also comprehendthis is also incompletely their wrongboth parties all have a responsibility words like this.The boon Lai section superficially and patiently must listen to the Zhao pull everything that Lu Ka says, actually to this he has already understood clear.Pull Lu Ka to say

    <a href=>montreal impact Jerseys 2013</a> The attendants that put blame on inwardly in not employable manager and heart wasbusy for exactly a morning, the party just unwillingly set out a little bit and properly.Hall in put eight long long dining tables, build snow-white table cloth on the dining table, separate one meters to all place a

    <a href=>Jeremy Scott Instinct Hi</a> and then is one Gong deeply, the yellow my elder brother younger brother thanks miss, miss is from now on me brotherly of lifesaver, from now on want ~only miss' order, fire in Shui-li inside ……Good.Iflistenning to must repeatedly knit the brows, yellow adult, we what does the Hou walk?My

    <a href=>football hall of fame Jerseys</a> have to shut up not speech.Manypresent officials immediately hand over a people the compliment rise Zheng Ba, bad don't hold him as The Savior Messi
  72. ajksxwx | 2.11.2013, 00:33
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    <a href=>cheap oakley radar sunglasses</a> really so, oneself also only volunteers to help and fight with these blood-sucking vampires Be getting more some kind of.He is worrying, see suddenly those blood-sucking vampires to line up a brigade to westward go

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  73. zjywhxh | 2.11.2013, 00:34
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    <a href=>Two Tone Jerseys</a> therefore always all insist on to loot a strange Kingdom frontier ofcard Ao of the city.But these frontier city in, become to reach the first hit of Wei Er, here because is brought a southeast monsoon that enrich water's spirit to influence from the southeast coast, the weather is moist warmth is

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  74. wheppcx | 2.11.2013, 00:39
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    <a href=>youth NCAA elite Jerseys</a> progress, going will start uploading the tenth to gather 《the total anti- sky robs 》 on the 20th of this month, thanks:)Chapter 1 mysterious visitor(up)Long Hu Shan.The Xuan door is 36 of a, once was the headquarter that cursed a parties in seven partieses in the C country Xuan door as well,

    <a href=>Cheap NBA Nike elite Jerseys</a> repeatedly nauseating.The perfume that sprays on the sea space Ai Luo body can arouse the female's sexual appetite, but, the rice Linreaches to early become accustomed to this kind of thing, she at ordinary times also in common use this kind of perfume to seduce an another female kid, this kind of

    <a href=>Cheap Nike elite NCAA Jerseys paypal</a> troublesome.At the feeling at thereason, she doesn't intend to try to find solution a plan for the sake of prospect and peace or chaos but of Suo thin boon, however her brain inside, have already figured out a counterplan.In fact, in her eyes, regardless is those Suo that are insolently ambitious

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    <a href=>pandora outlet stores</a> for left good dozen, it has been a sky since oneself returned to, mansion City, let her come over at noon to have a meal, ask her to taste well own handicraft for a while. Is left good not, square green Lan immediately described toward it the flavor of vegetables for doing from, listen to of left

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    <a href=>oakley frogskin</a> all, bio-chemical person ignore again strong, is also the Qu of flesh and blood, want to match steel big current, is still not realistic. Although the c country government has already continued to wire Bill Huo man and hopes that the personnel that take part in a training to the Ao cloth Lai

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    [url=]nba gear online[/url] in the door. Smell once the Zhong listen to and excitedly stood:Is master's Bo Men's bottom, haven't asked the name of three senior elder sister Shis? The bottle gourd child's way:I call a bottle gourd child, their two younger brother Shi's younger sister Shis who is me, all flowers fairy and Jing

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    [url=]impact Jerseys[/url] strangely think:Just sold by 22000 pieces of prices, just a few hours did I want a costliness house buying again, be known to still think that I had trouble. At this time, Zhang Cheng asks a way:Mr. Fang, does my ability settle 1 set now? Wang Fu Quan's one Leng, the square green Lan smiles to say:

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  81. aaybgdx | 3.11.2013, 05:02
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    [url=]Marijuana Hats[/url] condition sense of smell to say,is unbearable to bear with, very anxious to mow own nose down just good.Although want to go out to hide, again afraid someone come in but oneself too late drill into gather to pack, so Lin Tian has to gnash the teeth with hatred of curse and scold, wait for, a night

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  82. wokrcjx | 3.11.2013, 08:49
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    [url=]2013 cheap nike nfl football jerseys from china free shipping -wholesale nfl jerseys shop[/url] worry imperial concubine's sound afterhumeding a still helps he takes off an underwear, 2 people tightly hug to each other after heat to kiss. Is some kind of to prepare hot after, square green Lan to worry imperial concubine sound way:Lovely wife, just you that ghost idea do you think that I don't

    [url=]vintage snapbacks[/url] and go into later on hotel, because time is it's yet early, be responsible for the eastern Lu of this time reception logistic work general secretary Wei in the province let square green Lan once see the route of travel arrangement of this trip first, although the route of travels of 90% are all

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  83. emoovna | 3.11.2013, 08:57
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    [url=]Be Luv'd Jerseys Wholesale[/url] absolute being teach to pour bottom how to make?Boon Lai section this just thoughts of and talks proper business.You know whythose two kinds of faiths will mutual conflict?Listen to Mo Si especially this asks, the boon Lai section repeatedly shakes head.That because, these 2 kinds believe in a

    [url=]Adidas football game Jerseys[/url] a Yuan Lao Tze?However seem and Be different from, what advantage does she cheat Lao Tze to have?Mother of, Lao Tze be really what three boundary strangeperson?Delivered this time, ha ha.Have no good small living so inwardly satisfied.Chapter 6 get wife such as jadeCloud E always loves to excel and

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  84. roxlahh | 3.11.2013, 08:58
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    [url=]NHL Nike impact limited Jerseys[/url] pressure that water pillar brings is too big, we connect to movenow all very difficult for a while!The western space is just wanting an answer, see suddenly canthus Huang Guang Yi Shan, someone has already flown the blue ball that the body vomits toward the absolute being dragon to hurtle.Is small

    [url=]adidas superstar ii[/url] th generation being a demon knife spread a person?For very Mo meeting?For very the Mo will become a breeze candle remaining years of life old headman, rightness?Old man's way:Because this knife...Because this knife?Village positive demonknife, the J country first knife, kid, you know to have how

    [url=]Cheap MLB all star game Jerseys[/url] birth to all of Anne's safeties to do a devoid of any merit playboy than his being like a father, become sad feeling hero.Being small to living may be to be subjected to born heredity influence andlivinged to then be interested in Wu Ji Da Dun of sorcery and showed to the Sa benefit naturally of

    [url=]Nike game Jerseys NFL[/url] understand at present this in ofthat guy pour bottom to mean who, he again ordered to nod.Why does that guy choose that you take his agent?Mo Si asks a way especially:Because your strength, still because doyou own endless life?Prob
  85. itwesbo | 3.11.2013, 09:01
    [url=]NFL english premier Jerseys[/url] not I can control of, Luo Luo.Naturally sneer at a Han head way:I understood on the whole, you of so blocked me, is afraid that I will go to Buddha boundary, and get into two dollar spaces through a Buddha boundary, person ofgold knife, you really have given a lot of thought!Luo Luo, even if you

    [url=]Cheap MLB Premier Jerseys[/url] an idea.Cape Dou the officials of the field want to try to please emperor his majesty and secretly did enough an effort, the Cape Dou chosen private not only is fight ability to differ most ,and before taking place, these Cape Dou the private be all secretly suggested by him, fight to kill as long

    [url=]2013 NBA all star game Jerseys[/url] mainland since the granite stood to start, say with smile:The elder sister of the beauty how say to come right away, seek younger brother, do I occupy?Cloud E is cold to hum a , lazy mustpursue his impoliteness:My teacher's wife wants to see you, purple bell younger sister Shi, you also come

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  86. iqgmeyo | 3.11.2013, 09:01
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  87. koumlwp | 3.11.2013, 21:22
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  88. tskreeg | 3.11.2013, 21:26
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    [url=]reebok NFL game Jerseys[/url] think to oppose with it face toface, so will make I alliance real strenght big Sun, in case of make very Mo'the curlew clam compete with each other, the fisherman makes profit'of matter, don't do the business for suffering a deficit?Zheng Ba certainly knows beard sword private at worry some very Mo,

    [url=]Cheap Authentic Nike elite NFL Jerseys[/url] naughty, behaviour indeed as expected and greatly have the blue sky wild breeze, six leave to make fun a way first:Born eldest brother, unexpectativelyyou haven't got married and then wased the somebody else's father and find out to be feeling of father in advance, ha ha, this bubble wets Sa of well.

    [url=]stitched Jerseys 2013[/url] The Meng is just fierce for getting away for orchid Tai, don't hesitate to exhaust capability, decline to harm the method of 100 evil protect a line of vitality most in a Shu with, put together harm about 100 evil head, just send the orchid Tai of walking.At themoment he already near oil to the

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  89. hhrptlm | 3.11.2013, 21:38
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    [url=]Nike youth elite NHL Jerseys[/url] not see thing, don't comment on at all of qualifications.Yes! the blind person go away.The blind person also comes to join in the fun.……The shell Er Di Nuo the ear is very working, the outside is that disorderly issue, sheunexpectedly heard one silk half wisp.Listen to a Zhao this time

    [url=]Cheap NFL game Jerseys[/url]

    [url=]breast cancer awareness NFL Jerseys[/url] the seat.This guest house belongs to G country federalgovernment, whenever the G country federal general assembly convenes, from rushed through everywhere of state councilman, then will be arranged to live here.Was public to just settle down soon, the special envoy sent by G president Guo then

    [url=]Nike NFL Throwback Jerseys[/url] necessity for the sake of a bad woman, but was full of an anger to hate and despise to all beautiful women?These subordinates only dare not sing praises chief to the chemisette viewpoint.In his eyes, seeming thechemisette beauty is a demoniac creations article, not the characteristic given by spirit.

    [url=]stitched Jerseys china[/url] This valley isn't very big, the plant in the valley thriving, under the mountain beam boudoir of the left sid
  90. bryaqxq | 3.11.2013, 21:39
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    [url=]NFL Sweetheart Jerseys[/url] lifetime, now a while, this breaks to unexpectedly embark four sorcery teachers on board.2 sighs a way.Only wish they don't beat.A sailor says.Yes, here can no one can advise live them.Moreover a sailor says.This equally is also a captain is most troublesome matter feeling, sorcery teacher to war is

    [url=]Cheap Sweetheart Jerseys[/url] Born way:Accurately saying was a concerning Ao space Rui to appear more the business of blood-sucking vampire.For making rare Mu understand, naturally didn't use demon corpse,but used the word that can even let the G the people accept inblood-sucking vampire.Probably is unexpectedly and naturally

    [url=]2013 NBA all star game Jerseys[/url] section Er Si three a life times would not like to see the nation of thisdecrepitude now strong, either.This nation is to have very much danger at the same time, as long as imagine for a while, this nation of the tallest military conductor, that absolutely different Joe, and the real strenght is

    [url=]reebok NFL game Jerseys[/url] regardless is you I, all have nounderstand to those things.That middle age coldly says:You trust like, for sorcery I don't know not a thing, the ducal induction gives me a kind of new of ability, I own now of not only only i
  91. xqpzwne | 4.11.2013, 01:26
    [url=]nfl throwback jerseys[/url] Zu soars to the skies to accept for the disciple, then know Xuan Yuan ten have already woulded be oneself has to seek of person. Make people invite Xuan Yuan, Xuan Yuan's knowing is total lord the absolute being agriculture come, quickly polite accolade enter tribe in. Inside the house, the absolute

    [url=]Wholesale cheap mlb jerseys and custom baseball jerseys from china replica mlb jerseys store[/url] as breaking within this period of time, go, the household in nowadays is also regarded as the household that is second to none on the earth, not only in the business still have politics all similar. Eldest brother, you say the father mother in nowadays how, they are to isn't similar to think of us,

    [url=][/url] red Fei is red, also lower the head to use remaining to only and every where hope to watch from a distance, see on all sides have no other colleagues rears just comfortable one breath, then again white the square green Lan is one eye, square green Lan mischievously at her ear low language way:Last

    [url=]nba snapbacks[/url] spirit grade, if not that the blossom in the glasshouse, more or less have of, just many and little relations, and firmly the degree is just. Is very good, these in the last years, still you the first come in, be really out of the blue, this still thinks do those dominate star absolute being to come

    [url=]cheap nfl jerseys from china[/url] [url=]vintage hockey jerseys[/url] Again is unanimous opinion. Ha ha, that everyone comes together.Square green Lan cachinnation way. Is you all right?Many
  92. mpxiyvk | 4.11.2013, 06:29
    [url=]low price nfl jerseys wholesale[/url] period of time, the body cans not stand, fainted on the spot pass by, O.K. especially Xun camp stem the Jing know the method of first aid and save in time they come to, this scene lets all policewomens cry, even is male the Jing also has the Shan in the many people's eyes tears light. Wait to do the

    [url=]diamond t shirt brand[/url] will be also conversed to collapse and finally become an ordinary mortal of, very strict clear. This is the divine strength, incomparable strength, under the strong assimilation dint, oneself of strength because the margin of quality is too big, can be assimilated absorption and strengthen end

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    [url=][/url] appears to register appearance and naturally ascend according to He Hao Shuo's method No.1 server, follow to choose person image, because being afraid He Hao will cannot find himself/herself and naturally use own real name as a person.Immediately after and then see at present scenery on changing,

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    [url=][/url] Da Dun Niu to Wang Fu identically equal person loudly way, solemnly an appearance of nouveau riche, several people of Wang Fu Quan who see keep shaking head. Like, everyone orders vegetables, we drink well tonight.Square green Lan way, but Zheng Da Dun Niu then made the wine shop attendant go. Time

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    [url=][/url] Rang a bottle of miraculous water passes to turn an absolute being strong for that new Jin, the latter hurriedly thanks and say that all being his is wrong, he is to worry the work that influences square green Lan. His reason is that so to lead long strong and inferior, make the square green Lan in

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    Butcher eldest brother!There are words saying well, don't always want to begin!"

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    "Thank eldest brother Chen!"The Du flies a point to nod, then walks first with Chen to hall house, wait Huang Xiao E to work well rice.

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